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Z-Lined: Your IP is listed on a DNSBL provider we use.
Last Updated 6 years ago

Are you seeing an error message similar to the one listed below?

Snoonet uses multiple providers of DNSBL, or DNS Blacklist, services to check an IP address against lists of IP addresses known to be recently used for spam or as attack vectors in a DDoS. Snoonet does not control the content of these lists, nor can we remove a listing on your behalf.

The Z-line message will typically contain a link to the particular provider who has your IP address listed. These providers typically auto-remove listings after 48 hours, or you can manually remove them at that link.

For your convenience, here are some (but not all) of our DNSBL providers and their lookup or support pages:
A note: is used for TOR Exit checks only. The list of exit nodes is updated automatically every 30 minutes by querying the list of exit nodes from within the TOR network. Accordingly, there is no removal process as the removal is automatic when the list updates.

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